About us

Slitinto combines the latest technology with years of hardware expertise to design and build solid and reliable consumer electronics and mobile technology accessories. We are a team with excellent staff, the quality of the details of the product and the use of great attention. Continue to develop and expand our product portfolio to bring you the next generation of practical technology to complement and enhance your digital lifestyle.
Slitinto is committed to creating solid products that are based on friendly, fast service for loyal customers around the world, when you buy from Slitinto, peace of mind is included.




Contact: Shenzhenshi Tongma Wangluo Keji Youxiangongsi

Phone: +86 13316888767


Email: Tongma_amz_US@126.com

Add: Longgangqu Longgangjiedao Pengdalu 164hao Longyuntong 605 Shenzhenshi Guangdongsheng